Targeting. Execution.

Our process is built to unite your offline and online data sources to connect on an individual level with your audience.
The end result? A comprehensive view of your highest value targets in ranked order that spans the entire country.


Pinpoint Precision at the Individual Level

It’s easy to see what people buy, but understanding the reasons why they buy is where insights are revealed and the power of your data is unleashed. By connecting with prospects 1-to-1, you can understand the factors behind their purchase decisions and generate higher revenue while eliminating the excess in your marketing spend.


The beauty of direct marketing is that it provides personal addressability. It’s a tried and true process that’s proven to deliver results year over year. Finally, digital marketing has caught up to this level of addressability to deliver personalized experiences wherever people are online, across all their devices.
Our programmatic advertising goes beyond segmentation to target the most likely prospects to convert in ranked order. When you can seamlessly run successful digital advertising campaigns across any channel in every format, you now have the power to create measurable results and repeatable execution that saves time and money.

Third Party Data

Let’s cut to the chase—when combined with third party datasets, your data becomes a goldmine of actionable information. Trends become instantly recognizable, and the insights gathered lead to higher targeted customer experiences that span channels and devices.
Our third party datasets analyze thousands of attributes across every household in the country to find your best acquisition prospects and best retention targets. With this intelligence, you’re no longer guessing about who to target or what channel to use for engagement—you have a methodical answer that’s backed by data about which targets will provide the greatest return on investment.

Measurement & Analytics

If you’re marketing isn’t delivering results, you need to know yesterday. Our measurement platform provides continuous data monitoring so you can instantly get the big picture of what’s effective, what’s not, and where your opportunities lie.
Our dashboards can be customized based on audience for a 360° view of cross-channel performance and prospect management. This way, your entire organization has access to the KPIs they need to ensure you’re engaging with the right prospects through the right channel at the right time.

Got Questions? Need Results?

We understand the issues facing growing companies that need to generate actionable insights from their data. Contact us to see how you can efficiently and cost-effectively implement a data-driven solution to your cross-channel marketing.