People-based marketing is now within reach.

Target Data is a performance marketing agency fueled by data and focused on results.

Who We Are

Target Data is a leader in people-based marketing, helping companies spend their marketing dollars smarter. We leverage data and technology to acquire and grow our clients’ best customers. Customer data is at the center of everything we do, allowing for precise targeting and measurement at the transactional level. Target Data’s solution provides strategy and media execution across all addressable channels including programmatic display, direct mail, paid search, advanced TV and paid social.

Driving Results for Some of the World’s Most Recognizable Brands


People-Based Measurement:
The Only Way to Tie Marketing to Revenue

Every campaign is measured down to the specific piece of media whether it is offline or online. We leverage your customer data to provide complete insight into the ROI of every campaign. Your revenue is our most important metric.

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