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The answers to your biggest marketing questions can be found in your own data. It just takes finessing. That’s where we come in—to connect you with new customers. More. Better. Simply.

Target Data is exactly what you look for when hiring a company—

they’re much more like a partner versus a vendor, and they work on your behalf to help you spend your money smarter.

- Howard Korey
Director of Business Strategy, Federal Savings Bank

Why Target Data?

Does simply collecting data at different touchpoints always lead to results? Probably not. But if handled correctly and strategically, your raw data can be transformed into an asset that guides every aspect of your company’s growth. Suddenly, understanding your highest value customers, identifying new prospects, and turning them into customers has become a lot simpler.

The Target Data Solution

Data Collection

Provide your customer and transactional data to identify your highest value customers

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Data Analysis

Understand the behavioral, psychographic, geographic, and demographic factors behind why they’re your highest value customers

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Audience Activation

Using advanced analytics, identify new audiences that are most likely to become valuable customers

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Media Activation

Execute cross-channel campaigns using media preferences to determine the most e­ffective execution channels

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Maximize every marketing dollar and continually optimize your strategy based on engagement

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