Top marketing executives from brands, agencies, tech companies and more kicked off the year at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in New York. They shared their thoughts on how the advertising and marketing technology industry is continuously evolving, and what marketers should be considering over the next 12 months. They also discussed how they plan to leverage their data, invest more dollars in people-based media tactics and how to turn insights into action. Below are our 4 key takeaways:

The Future of TV
TV will be bigger than ever in 2019 with Advanced TV advertising. Linear broadcasters are realizing that basing spend on standard Nielsen demos won’t cut it anymore. Nearly 80% of households are addressable which enables Advanced TV advertisers to select their best audience. Addressability on TV opens the front door for marketers to target specific high-value households and tie it directly back to revenue. During one of the panel sessions on TV, President of Turner Broadcasting Ad Sales, Donna Speciale, discussed how companies know TV drives ROI but never really had any way to measure it until now. With Advanced TV, marketers can spend their TV budgets smarter and finally measure if TV is driving growth.

Facebook Stories
Facebook is continuously finding new ways to connect advertisers with consumers. The latest insight is that engagement on Facebook Stories is growing 15x faster than Newsfeed, mainly because Stories are the primary way people share things with their friends. This leads many to believe advertising on Stories will surpass Newsfeeds sometime this year.

Brands will be focusing on adding a more personal touch to their content, and data is the driving force behind personalized content. To accomplish this, they will be using data to understand their customers’ interests and create personalization strategies for offline and online marketing. The more data a company has to build from, the easier it is to build targeted audiences and deliver relevant content. Personalized content allows companies to garner a stronger connection with their customers, which translates into brand loyalty and evangelism.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)
Last year, Gartner named CDPs as one of the key technologies that will demand marketers’ attention. CDPs enable people-based analytics, and then audience management and activation. As brands are trying to better understand their first-party data so they can optimize omnichannel customer experiences and marketing outcomes, CDPs will continue to be a hot topic this year.

These trends are just some of the things every marketer needs to pay attention to in the coming year. If you’re not sure where or how to get started, click here to see how Target Data can help.