Many marketers representing mid-market financial services companies labor under the impression that data-driven marketing tactics used by the dominant players are simply out of reach for them, due to their size and scope.

The first step in encouraging more marketers from mid-size organizations to consider data-driven marketing is to debunk the five most common misconceptions:


Due to legal requirements, banks can only do broad-base advertising, such as billboards, radio spots and print ads


Data-driven marketing won’t help me form relationships with consumers (they need to come into a branch for that to happen)


You need a database and a huge budget to do data-driven marketing


Data-driven marketing can help me reach the right person, but it can’t help me achieve my goals


It takes way too much time to embark on data-driven marketing

While your particular path and level of marketing maturity may differ, taking advantage of the trickle-down effect with marketing and organizing your efforts around the modern consumer first will yield far better results than remaining married to theses misconceptions.

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