Target Data is working hard to help our clients and partners adapt their media strategies to the rapid changes brought on by COVID-19.

For all companies today, the safety and well-being of our fellow citizens must be of the utmost concern. Now is the time for every organization to think first about the health and welfare of their employees, families, and customers, and to take steps to protect and serve them in this time of uncertainty.

To Target Data, this means working closely with our partners to develop a new way forward for their marketing efforts in a time of great uncertainty. 

As part of that commitment, we wanted to share some observations and recommendations for how to proceed with adapting your strategies: 

Digital and e-commerce is now king. Consumers are home and online more than ever. The mounting economic uncertainty may translate to less immediate purchasing in the short term, but the opportunity to grow brand awareness is unprecedented. Consumers are researching future purchases and it’s important to be out there and to stay top-of-mind.

Broaden the media mix. Without as many distractions, consumers are engaging with media significantly more. Consider additional online video buys for YouTube or other high-touch outlets. The increase in engagement with media means more opportunities to deliver a targeted and relevant message.

Stay present on social media. Many people are using social media more to connect with the world – make sure you have a strong social presence and consider shifting budgets to paid social media in order to capitalize on the increased usage of social platforms.

Revisit media success metrics. Consumers have more time to research, think and engage with your brand. Focus on engagements that show increasing consideration, rather than prioritizing conversions.

Build out a plan for retargeting. Make sure you have a strategy to retarget consumers who are spending time on your website. As life returns to normal, this audience will be very valuable. Make sure you are capturing this audience and keeping it warm with timely and relevant messages.

Our goal is to keep you informed and prepared every week through further updates like this one.

Please reach out to discuss how we can help support your business and your customers during this difficult time.

Thank you,

Ross Shelleman
Founder & CEO