We're Target Data

Connecting you with your best & highest value prospects.

We believe data should guide your marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

At Target Data, we provide access to the best data possible, housed within a cost-effective Marketing Intelligence Platform.

Combining first-party actual customer and transactional data with non-customer data acquired from a multitude of outside sources – known as third-party data – is key to delivering the most comprehensive look at your existing and potential customers.

The combination of your first- and third-party data is at the center of all of our targeting efforts across all addressable media including digital, email, social, and direct mail.

We rank order the entire U.S. population – at both the household and individual level – based on propensity to engage and/or purchase and deploy media with specific content for a specific reason.

Simply put, Target Data connects you with your best and highest value prospects.

Proven experts in the industry, members of our executive team have been published in the following global media outlets.




Target Data employees represent some of the brightest minds and innovative thought leaders in data-driven marketing. We come from varied backgrounds, and collectively draw upon our extensive experience in marketing, technology, and analytics to deliver solutions built for results. Often times the work is challenging, but we are a dedicated group and seek to inspire each other and our clients to demand more. If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, contact us to learn more.