This past week, Marshall Gibbs, COO of Target Data, and Craig Berkley, Head of Revenue, TV for LiveRamp, presented on the advantages and evolution of Addressable TV and its benefits in spending marketing budgets smarter.  Together at Furniture Marketing Group’s 2018 Symposium in Las Vegas, NV, Marshall and Craig discussed how TV operators like AT&T/DirectTV, Comcast, and CableVision, among others, are growing Addressable TV, and how companies can target specific consumers who are most likely to purchase from them.  While this audience was geared specifically to furniture retailers, the same message holds true for all companies wanting to increase sales, grow their customer base, and spend budgets more efficiently.

Marshall Gibbs, COO of Target Data, and Craig Berkley, Head of Revenue, TV for LiveRamp present at the FMG 2018 Symposium in Las Vegas, NV on January 26th, 2018.

How do you find the right households to target?  In short, through data. Companies already have large swaths of existing customer data that tells them how to better brand and target their messaging.  At Target Data, we work with companies to analyze their existing customer and transaction data, model out who their best customers are, and provide recommendations on reaching those customers while targeting new ones through their preferred media.  In this case, Addressable TV is the newest way of reaching these individuals at a household or mobile device level.

The Wall Street Journal goes so far as to label Addressable TV, “as the future of TV advertising.” Now, with Addressable TV, advertisers can spend their advertising budgets smarter by targeting specific households and mobile devices very much like targeting users online.  That is, if they subscribe to one of the Addressable TV providers with this capability.  Even so, this capability to target specific households that have the highest
propensity to purchase from a particular advertiser has numerous benefits
and can yield some big returns.

Read the full article published in The Wall Street Journal >>

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