CHICAGO – July 26, 2017 – Target Data, one of Chicago’s fastest-growing, data-driven, strategic marketing firms, announced today that seasoned analytics executive Dave Cameron will join its team as Vice President of Analytics, a new position that reports directly to Marshall Gibbs, COO of Target Data.

Mr. Cameron will lead Target Data’s Analytics and Business Insights team, which is charged with innovating new data-driven strategies, analytics frameworks and visualization tools, as well as ensuring that all clients reap substantial benefits from Target Data’s unique approach to data-driven marketing.

Mr. Cameron brings over 20 years of leadership experience in data analysis, holding key positions at Nielsen, Merkle and Ameritech. Prior to joining Target Data, he served as Vice President of Data Science at Nielsen, where he championed a data-driven culture and led a team of data analysts that focused on advancing analytics to drive marketing strategies across all channels.

“I’m excited to join Target Data because of the company’s focus on mid-size businesses, a segment for which data-driven marketing initiatives have been traditionally out of reach. Target Data is disrupting the field by delivering affordable and turnkey solutions that enable mid-size companies to leverage their first-party data for strategic purposes, such as profiling, reaching, and engaging their best prospects across multiple touch points. I truly believe that the mid-size market is the next frontier in data-driven marketing, and I’m excited to join a company that shares that vision,” said Dave Cameron.

“I am thrilled to welcome Dave Cameron to Target Data. Dave’s background and expertise further strengthens our commitment to delivering world-class data and analytics strategies to our clients. Dave is a leader in our industry, and our clients as well as our internal teams will enjoy working with him,” said Target Data CEO, Ross Shelleman.

For details on Target Data’s leadership team, visit our leadership team page. 

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