We love to leverage data. That’s probably obvious from our name, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that not everyone shares this same enthusiasm about the increasing role of data in modern marketing and what it means for the future. Most brands understand that it’s important and, thanks in part to improving technologies, most brands have also become fairly skilled at gathering it, but data isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of exciting marketing opportunities or technological advancements.

That might be changing.

At a recent event held at The Executives’ Club of Chicago, Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen (aptly referred to as “The Turnaround Artist” by Barron’s Magazine), discussed his career and Adobe’s incredible transformation. As part of the Q&A, he was asked what he was most excited about in technology, and his answer was surprising. It didn’t involve revolutionary hardware or software. It didn’t even involve something specific to Adobe. What Mr. Narayen said he’s most excited about is data and the potential to use that data to make actionable decisions.

This bears repeating: The CEO of Adobe – a multinational computer software company that boldly moved their entire software platform to the cloud in 2011 – is excited about data.

Hearing this got us thinking. Maybe data is starting to be perceived differently outside the world of people like us. Maybe more marketers and brands are starting to realize the full potential that’s buried in customer data. If so, we have only one thing to say: Finally!

Regardless of the markets into which you sell, gathering and correctly analyzing the right data can help you better understand your customers, develop more effective messaging/campaigns, and identify your Best Prospects. And the best part is that data is the gift that keeps on giving. With the right systems in place and a reliable marketing services provider partner to help you manage the task, you can use, collect, and constantly optimize data to help ensure that you’re always on the mark and growing.

At Target Data, this is what we do. We’ve worked with companies in various markets to help them put their marketing budgets to better use through data. When brands are struggling to find new prospects, or connect in a meaningful way with existing customers, we find the solution to both problems by combining the client’s first-party customer data with relevant third-party data.

In short, we work with our clients to identify the Best Prospects that will lead to valuable customers, identify offers that will be most compelling, and develop an omnichannel strategy that will have the highest impact. With this foundation, we then help design a campaign – both online and offline – that makes everything pop. We manage to accomplish all this by starting with data and letting it guide our course.

If Mr. Narayen is excited about data, we know other industry influencers will follow suit. It’s safe to say not only are we as excited about this as he is, but we’re most excited about where data will take marketers in the future.

Photo: Adobe.com

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