Our Managed Customer Data Platform

Our managed Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows our team to quickly understand who your best customers are and find more customers just like them.  Here’s how it works.



Your customer data is used to deeply understand who your best customers are.

This is not segmentation.  We build a rich profile at the individual household and consumer level.


We then build a highly predictive audience of your highest-value prospects.

Every U.S. consumer receives a score or series of scores, which enables us to prioritize who should be targeted and why.


We target your best prospects with cross-channel media execution.

We are media agnostic and implement a test and learn approach.  We target your best prospects across all channels including: Direct Mail, Programmatic Display, Paid Social, Paid Search and Advanced TV.


We continuously measure performance and optimize content and creative.

Media is moved across channels based upon performance. All spend is tied back to actual revenue and every campaign incorporates a control group.

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