One-to-one is the pinnacle of marketing. Today, marketers can purchase – and activate – just about any combination of demographic, affinity, creditworthiness, intent, interest and past purchase data they want. But marketers shouldn’t assume that without a 360-degree view of the consumer – read: without harnessing every possible thing there is to know about an individual consumer – the approach will fail:

  • A 360-degree view often requires marketers to invest in high-cost infrastructure that can be a huge barrier
  • A 90-degree view of the customer is usually more than sufficient to drive strong campaign performance
  • Many marketers already have all the data they need to engage in one-on-one marketing

The truth is, small and mid-size marketers need to worry less about data integration and more about data activation. The data they have in the CRM system and the know-how that resides in their teams is often enough to create truly relevant one-to-one marketing experiences.

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