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Strategy & Analytics


Targeted Campaigns

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Advanced Analytics

Our analytical approach is rooted in left-brain, quantitative thinking combined with right-brain, on-target creative execution to deliver extraordinary results.
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Campaign Management

Whether it is a one-off campaign or series, single channel or omnichannel, Target Data follows a rigorous, multi-phase process to ensure flawless execution.
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Data Management

The power to truly understand who, why, and how to target consumers is only possible through our proprietary first- and third-party data collection process.
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Media Execution & Delivery

Media has never been more customizable, measurable, and adaptable, and we deliver media across all addressable channels anchored in data and analytics.
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Marketing Intelligence Platform

Our data management infrastructure is optimized for marketing analysis and execution, allowing for the best returns possible on your marketing campaigns to prospects.
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Reporting & Insights

Our configurable reporting dashboard provides insights into audience, market intelligence, and specifics on your campaign performance.
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