Data Management

Efficiently manage large amounts of data without customization.

Using the Power of Data to Find Your Best Customer

First-party data exists within your company’s transactional systems. Third-party data comes from companies that specialize in compiling demographic, psychographic, preference, and behavior data. The combination of first- and third-party data is the cornerstone of our advanced analytics. The power to truly understand who, why, and how to target consumers is only possible at the intersection of these two types of data.


The Leaders in Third-Party Data

We rigorously scour the market for the best available third-party, consumer data and have an active testing and validation strategy for any new sources that are identified. Quality, consistency, and coverage are the top criterion for data added to our environment.

Target Data ensures total compliance with all privacy guidelines and practices put forth by government regulators and the marketing industry. Our servers are housed in a secure facility, and we adhere to data and security standards, including those required for banking data and credit card processing.


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