Paid Social

Social media advertising rooted in analytics, measurement and attribution

Why Paid Social?

Paid social advertising allows you to reach people even when they are browsing on social sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, who might not follow your brand directly in order to drive brand awareness, build meaningful relationships with new and existing customers, and drive incremental customers and revenue.

Paid Social Solution

  • Target only best prospects with the highest likelihood to convert
  • Define where paid social makes the most impact in the customer journey and optimize spend accordingly
  • Understand which social channels instigate purchase decisions
  • Create and measure multivariate testing to optimize offer and call-to-action
  • All ads are CPM-based

We leverage data to enhance your social media efforts in the following ways:

  • Focus on the best channels for your audience, your objective, and your budget
  • Build social strategies with measurement and attribution top-of-mind
  • Connect your owned web properties with your social channels for optimized attribution
  • Create consistency in social messaging to support an omnichannel marketing strategy

Target Data Acquires Social Fulcrum, A Leading Social Media Agency

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