Pier 1 Experiences 14X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Through Facebook Advertising

Social Fulcrum, a Target Data company, drove in-store and online sales for Pier 1 by designing and executing a targeted and optimized Facebook ad campaign.


We ran Facebook video and photo ads using the store traffic objective to reach shoppers within a specified radius around our stores. The campaign performance was so exceptional that we extended it through December!

-Donna Colaco, Chief Customer Officer


Online ROAS


Increase in In-Store Traffic


Offline ROAS


Pier 1, an artisanal home furnishing retailer, noticed a lag in store traffic and awareness. They were looking for an effective new way to drive shoppers into their stores with a full-funnel ad campaign leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


Social Fulcrum designed a Facebook ad campaign using the store traffic objective. With this objective, advertisers can reach people near their physical stores, generate instant awareness with locally relevant messaging and help drive foot traffic. Product-focused ads were built in various formats, with rotating promotions for prospecting, retention and retargeting. The campaigns were closely monitored and optimized, which dramatically increased in-store sales for Pier 1.

As a result of their success, campaigns were extended and additional budget continues to be allocated to Facebook.