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4 Key Takeaways From AdExchanger’s Industry Preview

Top marketing executives from brands, agencies, tech companies and more kicked off the year at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in New York. They shared their thoughts on how the advertising and marketing technology industry is continuously evolving, and what marketers...

Stop Obsessing About CPM

Too many advertisers erroneously base their marketing decisions on the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of different channels. CPM is different for different channels, not because the cost of executing advertising in certain channels is more expensive than others. It’s because the efficiency of a single impression is greater in certain channels.

ConnectedTV in 2018: Important Opportunities for Marketers

There has been a surge in consumers who view content through ConnectedTV devices like Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, smart TVs and video game consoles. This year alone, 168.1 million viewers in the U.S. switched from Traditional TV to Connected TV devices. In this...

Facebook Privacy Update

Written By Joe Lavan - VP Digital Strategy, Target Data User privacy and how brands can utilize data has been a dominant topic not just in tech, but front-page news across the country. While there are whispers of a repeal or at least a loosening...