People-Based Marketing: A New Focus For New Success

Marketing technology is constantly changing. With multiple channels, evolving platforms, and a new set of “best practices” popping up left and right, it’s easy to feel one step behind. Avoiding this feeling is simple: Focus on the consumer - on the real people - not...

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Target Data Analytics Team Featured in Built-In Chicago

We don’t believe data is the key to any business’ success: we know it is. From strategic decisions to tactical execution, data should be driving the majority of decisions made by your organization. Constantly gathering all the organizational building blocks can be...

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Data-Driven Marketing Without a Database? Easy.

So You Want to Be a Data-Driven Marketer But Don’t Have a Database? That’s Okay -  You Don't Really Need One Data is the key to thriving in today’s marketplace, where new competitors crop up seemingly overnight and from all points on the globe, their sights fixed on...

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A Diverse Perspective on Today’s Consumer

Today’s consumer landscape and the larger global market is increasingly diverse. With prospects spread across various socioeconomic, geographic, and ethnic areas, understanding these differences is critical to successfully reaching your audience in a meaningful way....

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Are you ready to release the power of your data?