Engaging Modern Consumers Grows Your People-Based Strategy

This is first in a series where we discuss Modern Consumers, what it means for today’s brands and the role of customer data in creating a people-based marketing strategy. Best Practices for Engaging The Modern Consumer Brands everywhere are anxious to understand the...

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Customer Data Automation Means Faster Campaign Execution

What is Customer Data Automation? Across industries, companies struggle to maximize their data because of the cost, time, and expertise it takes to gain actionable insights from their data. Target Data has encountered this on numerous occasions: companies know that...

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People-Based Marketing: A New Focus For New Success

Marketing technology is constantly changing. With multiple channels, evolving platforms, and a new set of “best practices” popping up left and right, it’s easy to feel one step behind. Avoiding this feeling is simple: Focus on the consumer - on the real people - not...

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Target Data Analytics Team Featured in Built-In Chicago

We don’t believe data is the key to any business’ success: we know it is. From strategic decisions to tactical execution, data should be driving the majority of decisions made by your organization. Constantly gathering all the organizational building blocks can be...

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