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One-To-One Marketing With A 90-Degree View Of the Consumer

One-to-one is the pinnacle of marketing. Today, marketers can purchase – and activate – just about any combination of demographic, affinity, creditworthiness, intent, interest and past purchase data they want. But marketers shouldn’t assume that without a 360-degree...

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3 Tactics For Understanding The Modern Consumer

It's safe to say that the internet has changed the advertising industry in a drastic way; allowing consumers to generate content for other consumers to read about opinions and experiences with products and services. So, now that the consumer is in the...

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The retail apparel world is more competitive than ever. Consumers are inundated with choice and the competition for mindshare is tougher than ever. According to a new study, luxury is not keeping up with the rest of the fashion industry; and it’s not...

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