Our Solution

It’s nothing new, it’s just an optimized perspective. Optimized to deliver meaningful, cross-channel customer experiences that reach your target audience while eliminating excess in your marketing spend.


The Line in the Sand

Gone are the days of not knowing exactly what’s working and what’s not. When your marketing combines the addressability of direct marketing with the intelligence of digital thinking, you’re afforded the highest probable chance of maximizing every dollar and making sure those dollars are spent towards the right prospects. And when your marketing reaches those prospects, they’re greeted with personalized, relevant experiences that easily engage them.

Step 1
Data Collection

The journey to find your most valuable prospects begins with your customer and transactional data. When the data comes in, it’s often scattered across different sources in different formats and lacks actionable insights to deduce significant trends. But by cleansing and standardizing your data, we begin to see relationships that were otherwise hidden and are now ready for our exploration.

Step 2
Data Analysis

The next step is to deeply understand the behavioral, psychographic, demographic, and geographic factors behind why they’re your highest value customers. By using different third party data and our proprietary process that analyzes thousands of attributes across every household in the country, we learn what’s most relevant to them and what factors make them your maximization candidates and best retention targets.

Step 3
Audience Development

With the core desires and key attributes of your target audience already mathematically defined, we find others who share those attributes. Next, we create models of highly targeted prospects who not only have the highest propensity to buy, but also have the highest propensity to be your best customers.

Step 4
Audience Activation

Connecting with the right prospect is only part of the challenge. Presenting them the right offer at the right time through the right channel is also crucial. Through our analysis of consumer media, we’re able to identify the right execution channels and deploy a cross-channel strategy that will resonate with your audience.

Step 5

Continuous optimization guides our every move. Once a campaign is complete, we meticulously pore over the results and find opportunities to optimize your strategy based on expected and actual results. This process is driven by data and informs all future campaigns.

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