A large non-profit enlists Target Data to increase revenue/spend ratio and improve alignment of Expected Value with marketing spend. Understand how analysis of the donor database identified best prospect donors and informed the marketing strategy for moving donors up to higher contribution levels.


A non-profit needed to maximize reach and return on marketing investments by better understanding and targeting its highest value donors.


Target Data standardized the historical donor data, then analyzed the data to identify and segment the best donors based on individual attributes. We then appended third-party data to this group which allowed for the creation of a deeper understanding of the profile of donors and these characteristics became highly actionable insights.

We analyzed the profiles and identified the combinations of attributes and variables common among the donors. Corresponding models and 9 donor types were developed to identify current donors of any type who represent the best prospects for “moving up” to higher contribution levels.

These findings were used to create a custom scoring formula that we then applied to current and potential donors in the database. Using this methodology, Target Data was able to establish a correlation between the scores and an individual’s propensity to be a best prospect donor.


Target Data has created four top donor models, with over a 70% model fit.  The non-profit uses these models to identify current donors who are more likely to become a higher value donor and to better prioritize its marketing investments against these prospects.

Current Project

Target Data executes direct mail campaigns to the recommended best prospects from the current donor database.

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