A luxury retail brand partners with Target Data for marketing and data strategy to reach new customers and increase the life-time value of existing customers. Find out more about our highly targeted, cross-device campaigns.


A luxury retail brand on a tight budget needed wanted to target people who are most likely to buy their products online and in-store.  The brand also needed to measure online and in-store purchases generated from these data-driven marketing campaigns in order to make their budget go farther through highly effective spending.


Target Data analyzed the brand’s previous purchase data to understand their customers then used advanced analytics to build a lookalike models to identify the following best targets:

  • Non-customers who have a higher propensity to purchase
  • Existing customers that are likely to purchase again

Target Data also applied a lifetime value amount to the models connected to offers that generated a higher average basket size.

Target Data identified best targets for non-customers and customers and created a highly targeted, cross-device display and direct mail campaigns.

To understand the shopping behavior of best non-customer and customer targets, Target Data geo-fenced the luxury retail brand’s locations and competitor locations, in addition to executing desktop ads.

Target Data also employed a real-time scoring model once the consumer came to the luxury retail brand’s website to drive higher purchase rates.


The client learned that people who view the ads go to a store to make a purchase and customers with higher net worth are much more receptive to direct mail than digital.

Drove a significant increase for both in-store and online sales over the respective control group

Generated new customers as well as additional purchases by existing customers

  • Achieved 35% sales lift in-store and online
  • Drove incremental ROI of over 400%
  • Increased foot traffic to retail locations by over 3,300 people compared to non-marketed group

Current Project

Target Data is now working to expand the reach of the marketing campaign and implementing additional testing on timing, targeting and creative to generate net new customers and increase lifetime value of existing customers.

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