CHICAGO — April 15, 2019 – The Field Museum, one of Chicago’s premier cultural institutions, has selected Target Data as their strategic marketing partner. Target Data will be responsible for marketing strategy and campaign execution across online and offline media channels. Utilizing a data-driven people-based approach, Target Data will help increase attendance and drive awareness.  

“We are very excited about this partnership. Cultural institutions such as the Field Museum are very important to our city and helping them innovate in their approach to marketing is really special,” said Target Data CEO Ross Shelleman. “The Field Museum will have a true people-based marketing solution that will utilize data in a way that will be more advanced than many deployed by for-profit institutions.”

Target Data will leverage the museum’s visitor data­ to focus marketing efforts on reaching the right consumers at the right time. By placing data at the center of their marketing strategy, they will work to increase awareness and purchase consideration through strategic audiences that range from local residents to international travelers visiting Chicago.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Target Data. Their ability to develop and efficiently target strategic audience groups will extend the reach of the museum’s message across the Chicagoland area and beyond.” said Field Museum’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ray DeThorne.