Market Smarter

Target Data helps you quickly identify and engage with the right prospects.

Your Data Is A Competitive Advantage

Marketers who leverage their customer data are at a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Target Data leverages your customer data, in days, not months, enabling targeting to the right prospect at the right time.


Spend Less On Marketing, Not More

You are already spending precious marketing dollars across Direct Mail, Digital, Social, SEO, Newspaper Circulars, Yellow Pages, Radio, and Television. Why not spend your money smarter by using your customer data to allow you to target and measure better?


Harness the Power of Your Customer Data

We harness the power of your customer data, combining it with consumer data from 120 million US households.

Target Your Best Prospects

We move beyond segmentation and personas to engage with prospects who look like your best customers.


Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Every campaign that we execute is 100% measurable. Each specific piece of media, whether it is offline or online, is measured to allow you to engage with your best prospects in the most meaningful, relevant, and profitable way.

Ready to leverage the power of your customer data?