Market Smarter

Target Data helps you quickly identify and engage with the right prospects.

Your Data Is A Competitive Advantage

Marketers who leverage their customer data are at a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Return on ad spend is multiplied exponentially within weeks of adopting our turn-key, people-based solution.


Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Gone are the days of targeting broad segments or audiences. We deploy personalized messaging to only the specific people with the highest likelihood of driving your business objectives.


People-Based Measurement: The Only Way to Tie Marketing to Revenue

Our approach enables our clients to tie every dollar spent back to revenue, highlighting which individuals purchased as a direct result of your campaigns. We provide deep, real-time insight into campaign specifics.

Media is a Commodity

At Target Data, we put people at the center of the conversation. Media is simply the vehicle to drive revenue with your highest-value customers and prospects.



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